I have an Oil 4 That.
~Quality ~Education ~Vitality

Creating a Better World One Drop at a Time with Essential Oils
Safer, Cheaper, More Effective

            What Are Essential Oils?  

  • Natural, Aromatic Compounds from Plants
  • Steam Distilled & Cold Pressed
  • Plants Immune System
  • 50-70 x More Powerful than Herbs
    Inhibit the Bad Guys!
Assists Our Bodies with Impaired Cells
  • Can Block The Bad Guys
  • Essential Oils are Tiny Molecularly
  • Balance at a Cellular Level to Address Root Causes
    Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils
  • Every Batch of Oil Tested Independently
  • No Fillers, Pesticides or Foreign Contaminates             (better than organic)
  • Grown & Harvested from Indigenous Regions
  • Always the Same High Grade in Every Bottle
To learn more about essential oils and why essential oils are of the highest quality, please come to one of our classes or contact us to schedule a class in your home.  We love to share the knowledge and the amazing benefits of essential oils.

Increase Vitality of Health Through Superior Quality Essential Oils
There are essential oil sacs in the peppermint leaf. When you crush the peppermint leaf the smell is stronger, as you are releasing the essential oils ~ the healing part of the plant.

It takes about 20 seconds for some things to absorb through skin, this includes essential oils. Essential oils do not heal our bodies yet inspire our bodies where they need to focus. Inspiring our cells to be their best. The heart takes about 20 minutes to pumps the blood throughout the body. So effects of this natural supplements effecting our cells to work brilliantly can be felt very quickly. Our bodies work very well in tandem with essential oils.

The quality of essential oils is a huge concern.

  Most Therapeutic Essential Oils on the market are of such low a quality that they have little use therapeutically. 
While, others have an effect yet aren't of the quality to truly be healthful. 

Pesticides and contaminants 
can hurt the body.  Organic is only so pure and does not apply to all counties.  Our favorite brand is a much higher grade than organic and holds themselves to a higher level of purity. It is the best of the best!!

Our favorite brand of oils may be used: Aromatically, Topically, & Internally do to the innate quality the plants produce.