About Us

Heather Beckwith

Heather is an Essential Oil Platinum, a Genetic Therapist, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, is a Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructor, a Success Trainer and now a Bastyr trained Aromatherapist. Mother of 5 brilliant children, wife of 1 incredible man and loves natural health, homeschooling, playing in the outdoors, and loves great books and playtime with friends and family.

Why did I choose this path?

My name is Heather Beckwith.  Welcome to our site.  I started out very allopathic minded, western medicine. I worked in the emergency rooms with my EMT, OJT.  I started out college intending to be an MD.  I was top of my class in EMT and I love the biology of the body and assisting in the healing process. 

I was introduced to herbs & homeopathics over the years and studied up on supplements for our family.  I used to get calls, while running errands, from friends asking what I used.  It was fun, but it was too hard to teach my friends & family what herb, homeopathics and vitamins helped so they called again the next time asking what I had used.

 My introduction to essential oils came in 1995 with Tea Tree (Melaleuca), yet at first I only used it to combat the effects of living with the evil Alaska mosquito.  Over the years I used Melaleuca essential oil more and more and was consistently searching for a purer grade oil that did not irritate the skin. Quality Melaleuca should not be a skin irritant.  

Around 2001-2002 I decided to play more with essential oils and purchased a handful.  I started creating a blend for occasional skin bumps.  It went over great.  Or at least the first few batches did.  The next oils were not of the same quality yet they were the same brand. Honestly the lavender smelled terrible.  So I set out to find a more constant brand.  I'd finally settled on one and consigned myself to essential oil not being all that I'd hoped and I relied more on homeopathics and herbs and supplements, while still making my blends as needed.  

A best friend from when the my oldest was just a baby came to town. Asti was teaching classes on essential oils.  I did not want to know about her silly brand, mine were fine, so I thought.  I just wanted to see her, I'd endure her class, maybe learn something and rekindle the friendship. We had some very impressive experiences with the oils at the class and just after.

I called Asti and asked her more about the business opportunity she had mentioned.  These I could teach my friends how to use! I felt inspired this was the answer to my prayers.  They work simply, easily and quickly!  We have been able to work with our bodies to be their best selves which has gotten us back to working and playing hard and having a blast doing it. Come play with us.

Brian Beckwith

Brian Beckwith, Essential Oil Platinum, AromaTouch Certified, Success Trainer, & Mentor.  Computer Guru, Boat lover, Fish slayer, Snowboarder, and all around build about anything Tool man. He specializes in supplements and working to live more healthy less toxic lives and is an inspiring fun speaker.

My witch doctor me up only if I'm on my deathbed husband also embraced this new brand of essential oils quickly.  That's huge considering how little else he embraced that I had used to keep us healthy.  He encouraged me to start my business, now our business.  His first experiences was with Coriander. I'd purchased it along with my first kit to encourage healthy sugar levels.  He had a great love for the pastries.  The first time I rubbed the coriander into his feet he said "I don't care if it works, the massage just feels good." He was amazed at how it supported his body, yet he was not sold on all of it, yet.  That was more gradual.  Each success he was more sold on the simplicity of quality essential oils and how they encourage our bodies to present correctly while supporting us in living with less toxins.

Pretty soon Brian had his own supply of oils and was making up his own blends. Ask Brian about his favorites for focus, aftershave and how he got his sexy body back.